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Unveiling Future Home Inspirations

The Home Design and Interior Exhibition (HOMEDEC) Part 1 which lasted for three days, 25 – 28 October followed by HOMEDEC Part 2 returned with eight more halls for products and services related to furnishing and decorating ideas which continues to inspire both visitors and designers with their latest concept of floor to ceiling home décor.

The opening ceremony was floored by Dato’ Vincent Lim, C.I.S President who mentioned that this strategic collaboration with with MRSB is aligned with one of HOMEDEC’s principle aims of being at the forefront of growing businesses and the industry alike, for the mutual benefit of all stakeholders.

In recognising the synergy of both exhibitions, he added: “RiX is where design meets business as revolutionary ideas and concepts come to life. Aligning with the purpose and objectives of HOMEDEC to provide all-in-one renovation and home design needs, homeowners can now look forward to be inspired by the creative expressions at RiX while designers can work on the crucial aspect of featuring their designs and projects in the best possible manner to businesses.” Visitors could view how HOMEDEC and RiX spark design inspiration to homeowners and designers.

New Gen-Home is an innovative idea that features modern spaces catered to compact living for the new generation whereby the M-Quarters was aimed to inspire creativity and imagination which was ideal for small studio and apartment.

The two show homes form an open concept with a touch of ingenuity and arts featuring spaces with fluid designs that could be transformed with movable structure for temporary needs.

Having the green environmental factor in mind, designers of MQuarters — Patrick Chin and Mike Saw of Pride Studio — — styled their homes together with Plant Specialist Ronnie Khoo so visitors can envision how displays of nature are introduced in these feature show homes.

Apart from that, HOMEDEC was also the one to introduce mobile and cashless shopping. Talks by Japanese speaker Pecha Kucha alongside an array of networking sessions through the REKA Conference; networking parties; the RIDA Awards and industry dialogues sharing hot topics via The Tarik Sessions; and the Young Designers’ Workshop was held to create a better understanding of the RiX exhibition.

To inspire designers with fresh ideas, this unique demonstration shows a form of creativity and imagination among its viewers. At the same time, enhance and brought a new life to the most intimate spaces, shaping thoughts and emotions.

The four-day event signified the organisation’s commitment in enhancing the national interior design industry expanding the boundaries of design and enable the local design fraternity to maintain up to date information with regards to the latest global development in the industry.

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