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Global Property Guide

Smart Report for Chinese Property Buyers’s 2018 Chinese Global Property Investment report presents the latest, complete data and insight on Chinese property investment trends in Malaysia and globally.

Current Property Trend of Malaysia

● Mainland Chinese buyers purchased RM9.5 billion (US$2.3 billion) of Malaysian residential and commercial real estate in 2017.

● A total sum of RM8.3 billion (US$2 billion) for residential property purchases and RM1.2 billion (US$300 million) for commercial real estate purchases.

● Commercial investment in 2017 was down 59% from 2016’s RM2.9 billion (US$700 million).

Investment Analysis

Chief Executive Officer and Director of (No. 1 Chinese international real estate website and exclusive international real estate partner to Chinese online giant Tencent), Carrie Law says, “There is no secret why these buyers like Malaysia. Malaysia’s growing economy and commercial links to China and the Belt and Road Initiative make it even more appealing.”

Law adds that Chinese property buyers make a direct contribution to Malaysia’s economy. They are very often involved in commercial projects that further boost growth and employment in Malaysia.

However, Law also shares that there has been some concern recently on whether the Malaysian government will continue to support foreign investment.

“We believe they will, of course with sufficient safeguards for the country's economic interests. Foreign investment in Malaysia means more money in the local economy. Investment leads to economic growth and job creation, and helps boost exports.”

Global Real Estate Highlights

Globally, total Chinese investment in commercial and residential property hit US$119.7 billion, up 16.1% from the US$101.4 billion reported by in 2016.

Highest Growth in Asia and Europe: Asia and Europe were the regions with the highest investment growth in 2017. Chinese investment in residential and commercial Asian property increased by 352.4%. Meanwhile, driven by commercial property acquisitions, investment in Europe grew by 225.7%.

However, the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia all saw significant drops in Chinese real estate investment in 2017.

Law concludes, “In 2018, we expect Chinese commercial and residential property investment to increase within the range of 3% to 8% over 2017 levels. That would bring 2018 levels to US$123.3 billion to US$129.3 billion globally. This growth range is sustainable and rational.”

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