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Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Jotun launches KEEP MALAYSIA’S COLOURS campaign in collaboration with DBKL

Jotun Paints (M) Sdn Bhd (Jotun), recently announced their collaboration with the Kuala Lumpur City Hall Council (DBKL) in an endeavour to restore the colour of fading buildings and laneways in the city of Kuala Lumpur in conjunction with the launch of the new and improved Jotashield AntiFade Colours.

This collaboration with DBKL will see several iconic laneways and buildings painted using Jotashield AntiFade Colours in a joint effort to protect and enhance the appearance of these significant locations. This initiative to beautify the streets of Kuala Lumpur is the first of a joint effort between Jotun and DBKL.

For over 25 years, Jotun has been the go-to brand for architects and designers looking for a paint that delivers great colour performance while withstanding the most extreme conditions. The all-new Jotashield AntiFade Colours now delivers superior colour performance with UV protection that lasts 50% longer than before and is more than twice as longer-lasting than any other paint. It is also designed to perform up to 8 years.

Speaking at the announcement of the #KeepMYColours campaign and launch of the new and improved Jotashield AntiFade Colours, Eric Mallace, Managing Director of Jotun Malaysia and Singapore said “Malaysia is a country full of culture and heritage and Jotun wants to be a part of keeping these colours from fading. It made perfect sense to us to commemorate the #KeepMYColours campaign through a significant collaboration with an organisation such as DBKL that focuses on the preservation of Malaysian culture and heritage through the improvement and beautification of Kuala Lumpur.”

Eric Mallace, Managing Director of Jotun Malaysia and Singapore

“Jotashield AntiFade Colours was introduced to South-East Asia more than 25 years ago, and has steadily gained a strong reputation for providing good, quality product over the years. In 2012, Jotashield AntiFade Colours was relaunched with a single idea to deliver outstanding colour performance, and it has proven to be a great success with over 50 million liters sold across the region, making it the best-selling paint by Jotun to date.” he added.

According to Mallace, the team at Jotun forecasted a 20% yearly growth in sales revenue following the launch of new and improved Jotashield AntiFade Colours.

Along with the campaign, DBKL is currently executing a new project with Think City to rejuvenate the laneways of Kuala Lumpur while building a resilient living environment for the local communities. Recognised for its wide array of hawker stalls and delicious local food, Lorong Yap Ah Loy will be the first laneway to be revamped as a part of this collaboration. The process which first includes setting up a pop-up to test the community’s interest, then followed by a review to gather community response and finally, the implementation stage to enhance the entire laneway will commence in October 2018.

“We were thrilled when we were approached by Jotun to be a part of this exciting campaign. Throughout the years, our work has always been to maintain the heritage of Malaysia while enhancing its beauty. Having said that, we are always appreciative of all forms of support whether from local communities or multi-national corporations. It’s truly a great honour to have Jotun on board for such an important and meaningful project,” said Tuan Hj. Nurazizi bin Mokhtar, Director of City Planning Department, DBKL.

Eric Mallace and Tuan Hj. Nurazizi bin Mokhtar, Director of City Planning Department, DBKL.

The selected laneways will be amongst the first in KL to be painted with the new Exterior Trends 2018 that has been developed in consultation with industry experts and professionals, led by Jotun’s Global Colour Manager Lisbeth Larsen.

Jotun’s Marketing Manager, Yousra Lemaamer

The breadth and versatility of Jotashield AntiFade Colours allows for the creation of endless aesthetic styles, and its improved formula guarantees long-lasting paint perfection. Armed with inspiration from Jotun’s Exterior Trends 2018 and the proven resilience of the new Jotashield AntiFade Colours, anyone can create beautiful exterior finishes, and be sure that years later they’ll still look as good as the day they were applied – come rain or shine.

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