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Collaboration on Internships & Industrial Training

Sunsuria Berhad and Xiamen University Malaysia (XMUM) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate on internships and industrial training, which includes practical training, social services programmes and career services activities.

Located at the heart of Sunsuria’s flagship township Sunsuria City, XMUM has grown to approximately 4,000 students since taking in its first batch of students in February 2016. Therefore, there were natural synergies for both parties in launching this mutually beneficial partnership.

“Ever since our first discussions in 2012 on establishing the first foreign campus of a university from China, we have already formed an extremely close working relationship with Xiamen University – today’s MOU further deepens Sunsuria’s historic ties to XMUM, which will continue to grow from strength to strength,” remarked Sunsuria Berhad Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Datuk Ter Leong Yap.

“Not only would we be able to provide XMUM students with valuable work experience and prepare them for their future careers through internships and career services programmes, we are also able to get early access to top talent, who have every potential to be nurtured into the leaders of tomorrow – as a socially responsible corporation, this is an excellent way to give back to society and to build a great company,” added Tan Sri Ter.

“Internships are of great importance for nurturing high-quality future talents. For our students, internships can help them discover what it is really like to work in the industry, gain first-hand experience, and make informed decisions about their future career paths. For XMUM faculty members, through cooperation with our internship partners, they can tailor our academic programme to the ever-changing industry demands and give special emphasis on skills and knowledge highly valued by potential employers,” said Xiamen University Malaysia President, Professor Wang Ruifang.

“I believe that the today’s MOU further strengthens our long-time friendship with Sunsuria, our close friend and good neighbour. The cooperation is of mutual benefit to XMUM and Sunsuria. In particular, our students will definitely benefit a lot from the internship and career development opportunities offered by Sunsuria,” added Prof. Wang.

The MOU signing took place at Sunsuria City’s Celebration Centre, which is directly adjacent to XMUM, and was attended not only by the management and staff of Sunsuria and XMUM, but also by XMUM’s Career Services Ambassadors and prospective XMUM internship students.

Center Left in suit;Prof Wang - Tan Sri Datuk Ter and CEO Mr Koong Wai Seng together with staff members of XMUM and Sunsuria Berhad

XMUM and Sunsuria Mgmt with students before their interviews

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