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A Unique and Pompous Celebration Hosted by RiX 2018 at KLCC

RiX brought together the greatest minds from the fraternity of interior design, architects, developers, retro fitting specialists, retailers/merchandisers, product designers, buyers, specifier traders, dealers and many more from Malaysia and beyond.

This year’s addition paved the way for nine pieces of displays produced by designers who boldly channelled their ability and creativity by using products and materials obtained exclusively together with RiX exhibitors.

Jointly organised by MIID REKA Sdn Bhd (MRSB), the commercial arm of the Malaysian Institute of Interior Designers (MIID), and award winning exhibition organiser, CIS Sdn Bhd, RiX was held concurrently with the popular Home Design & Interior Exhibition (HOMEDEC).

Stream of Consciousness

Infinite Solutions

Make The Best Version of You Betta

The Order of Six Triangles



Grey Matters


The Light Forest

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